Too many mixes dance around the subject. There’s mixes that want you to love, to have an emotional connection, to be romanced, to need a spiritual awakening. Fuck that noise. In the immortal words of LaTour’s 1991 dance hit, “people are still having sex.” That’s the point here. This mix is exactly 22 minutes and 43 seconds in length. If you’re a real athlete, you’ll hear it twice or three times on repeat. We at TGRI want you to have sex. To this mix. A lot.

Harry Hotter is Washington, DC’s premier local selector. His encyclopedic taste ranges from the esoteric to the essential and he perpetually rocks crowds and creates a unique, iconic experience. He’s also a new father, his lovely redheaded bundle of joy Cedar is less than a month old and his latest and ultimately most important creative motivation. He’s the perfect man filled with a perfect love to make the perfect mix based in love’s most honest and visceral expression.


1. Intro
2. No Face – Spanish Fly (Let’s Fuck)
3. Force MD’s – Tender Love
4. World Class Wreckin’ Cru – Lovers
5. Michael Sterling – Lovers and Friends
6. Big Daddy Kane – To Be Your Man (remix)
7. Mary J. Blige – Sweet Thing (Daddy Hip-Hop mix)
8. Kwame – Sweet Thing
9. Keith Sweat – Make it Last Forever (808 Mix)
10. Slick Rick – Teenage Love
11. L.L. Cool J. – I Need Love
12. De La Soul – WRMS Cat’s in Control
13. E.U. – Taste of Your Love
14. Shabba Ranks f. Maxi Preist – Mr. Loverman
15. Shai – If I Ever Fall in Love
15. R. Kelly – Honey Love
16. Outro