GRAMMY RECAP: It Could Have Been A Star Studded… Fail?

If I wasn’t an avid music head (notice I did not just say hip hop head), I would say that the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards last night was an amazing success…full of excitement, great music, celebrities, onlookers, fashion, glitz, glamour, the whole works. However, being that I AM a music head, I’m more focused on the music versus the fluff and the surrounding foolishness of it all. On an overall scale, I was party disappointed in the fact that this year’s Awards didn’t do a good job of keeping my attention. It was exactly what I expected as far as who was going to be there, poor performances, and all those other things that I quite frankly don’t give two shakes about. But as far as rewards go, I was content.

Let me start this off by saying this…*ahem*…CONGRATULATIONS ESPERANZA! I was in my apartment cooking and the Grammys were on in the background. In my mind, I already knew they were going to give it to Justin Bieber. He’s adorable and he can sing really well. Can’t hate on the kid, but Lord knows that when they called Esperanza Spalding as Best New Artist, I almost broke out with the spirit in my living room.

I think ‘Best New Artist” is slowly becoming “Best Artist With An Its About Time America Recognized Breakout Album” and I’m fine with that.

I was very much surprised and very much elated to see this happen. NOW, considering the fact that Esperanza isn’t necessarily a new artist, I can see where the contention is. But neither was Drake or Ledisi when they were nominated. I think ‘Best New Artist” is slowly becoming “Best Artist With An Its About Time America Recognized Breakout Album” and I am fine with that. This way, it’s not necessarily just putting out an album and being “new”, but more about when people finally open up their ears to something new and sees that there is much more beyond what they hear on the radio. In this case, Spalding was able to grab those ears this year; hence why I feel like the reward was well deserved. We can agree to disagree, but the fact of the matter is that this young lady has been working hard for YEARS and it’s about time she was recognized.

There were a few disappointments for me, as I’m sure some of you felt the same. Knowing that The Roots didn’t receive the Grammy for How I Got Over (was the Dilla Joints even nominated??), or Eric Roberson, again, being passed over (Although I am a very big fan of Cee-Lo, I would’ve loved to see Erro get his due process). And how about the actual listing of the nominees not even including Vampire Weekend (Contra), Foreign Exchange (Authenticity), Black Milk (Album Of The Year), Bilal (Airtight Revenge) or Kanye West (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)?  I would have loved to have seen those in the running because they were excellent albums to me. At least The Roots DID get a Grammy, which they shared with John Legend, for Shine. That was definitely an amazing album that deserved the love it received. So far so good, right? There are always going to be a few hiccups or disappointments, albums and artists that we feel should’ve been recognized that get overlooked. However, in my little itty bitty heart, I am pleased with the results. It’s a reflection of how the industry is shifting and recognizing quality versus quantity.

And in this shift of music where people are looking outside of the box for great music, we stumble upon a country trio from Tennessee that not only wowed the country with their great music, but even shocked themselves as to how well they were received. Lady Antebellum proved beyond a doubt that hard work and creativity equals great music. You don’t have to be country music fan to understand how they won five out of the six Grammys they were nominated for including both Record and Song of the Year. Just check the performance that they did at the show. Absolutely amazing.

So if I HAD to give the Grammys a rating, on an overall scale, I’d give it a B-. For the simple fact that the winners were reflections of how music is changing and the tastes of the listeners are changing, it was good to see that the Grammys reflected that. Its about the recognition of artists and not the performances…although it would be nice to have good performances for a change.

Oh…and since you guys are finally expanding your music taste, Grammys, how about you throw in some J*DaVeY, Nikko Gray, or Terrace Martin in the mix?