FILM: The 2011 Best Picture Oscar Nominations for the Cheapskate DVD Renter

Can you review a movie in 140 Characters? Our new movie guru Benjamin Earl comes to us with his short, yet poignant movie reviews. With the Oscars this Sunday, we figured it was a natural starting point, well at least for the DVD viewer anyway!

Once again it’s that time of year, the time when the corporate media giants polish the gold statue and all the celebs put on their over priced fancy garb for the red carpet. What better time to recap the movies from the year of 2010, right? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see how last years movies stack up.

Wait a minute! I’m just your average DVD renting homebody, and I haven’t seen half the movies nominated for this overrated parade of famous people! I don’t even have cable TV to watch the Oscars, and they expect me to have gone to the theater to see 10 movies just to know what’s going on? That is a crazy notion for a blogger at $12.50 a ticket!

So if you are like me and enjoy your Netflix, Blockbuster, and/or Redbox flicks at home; then check out my rundown of the Best Picture Nominations that were released on DVD before the Oscars.

Rating System

0 – I fell asleep or turned it off
1 – Almost a waste of time
2 – OK, but I wouldn’t watch it again
3 – Pretty good, I enjoyed it.
4 – Awesome, I’d recommend this movie
5 – Near perfect; it has earned a spot in my all time favorites


A believable psychological sci-fi action thriller with a killer cast. Interesting and different story… they are in your dreams… what a mind f*ck! I loved it! = 5

The Social Network

Everyone who owns a computer should watch this movie. It’s a great story about the beginning of ‘share everything’ culture and Facebook. It is smart, witty, inspirational, and all with hard learned lessons on business and friendship. Isn’t it funny that the biggest online social website was created by a socially retarded brazen jerk? Well done in every way = 4.5

The Kids Are All Right

Good story of love, commitment, and odd modern families. What’s not to like? = 4

Toy Story 3

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Kids get older and forgotten toys get thrown out, but the 3rd installment of this Pixar story is a keeper. The animation, detail, plot, and characters keep getting better and better. = 3.5

Winter’s Bone

Backwards ass eerie redneck thriller that is painfully slow. Where did Pa go? Better check the meth labs! = 3


Well there you have it. All five of these movies are worth watching at least once, but “Inception” is a gem that I will undoubtedly watch over and over. As for the rest of the nominations below, who knows? The cheapskate jury is still out and won’t be back from deliberation until late spring when “True Grit” is released on DVD. Do any of these later releases hold a candle to “Inception” or “The Social Network”? I guess we will have to take the Academy’s word for it on Sunday.

These movies are still in theatres. If you can wait, we have the DVD release dates as well.

Still in Theaters – DVD Release Date
“127 Hours” March 1, 2011
“Black Swan” March 8th, 2011
“The Fighter” March 15th, 2011
“The King’s Speech” April 19, 2011
“True Grit” June 2011