COPPED: Nixon Socket Headphones

Most times we profile large, over the ear headphones on this site, but as we all know there is a steady demand for earbuds too. Let’s face it, chillin’ on the subway with those headphones make you look silly. However it seems that the standard inner ear headphones haven’t really changed over the years, while the later have been going through a revolution of sorts (thanks to Dre?).

But let’s face it. That’s not the proper look for the daily commute on the train. However, not much has been done to innovate headphones on the low end of the scale. However, watch maker Nixon is doing its part with their new Socket Headphones. What distances these pair from the traditional white ones we all know and love is what they’re calling “moldable memory wire,” which will ensure a snug fit around the ear, something which most earbuds lack.

The price for Socket Headphones slots in at an affordable $30, which is $10 more than the ubiquous (and overpriced) Apple earbuds. Although the headphones have found a place on the Nixon site, no word on availability yet. (via Uncrate)