ARTISTS 2 PEEP: Jamie Woon

Jaime Woon has the kind of soulful voice that enters your eardrums perfectly and  unobtrusively. He is a talented singer, songwriter and producer out of the UK who dropped his first EP back in 2007 to solid reviews. It was towards the end of last year however, that his name really begin to pick up some steam when tracks from his highly anticipated debut album, Mirrorwriting begin to hit the net.

The first single released was “Spirals”,  a beautiful R&B inspired love-ballad that sounds nothing like the songs crap heard on average radio stations today. The second single, “Lady Luck”  dropped (with visuals) as an acappella last week  – but was released with a ‘pop’–friendly track behind it over the weekend. Both songs are well executed and deserving of a listen (or eight).

Mirrorwriting is rumored to drop April 4 – look out for it!

Jaime Woon – Spirals