Album Review: Money Making Jam Boys – The Prestige


A minute ago I heard Black Thought was starting a crew of Philly mc’s including PORN, Truck North, Dice Raw and a cat named STS and calling the crew the Money Making Jam Boys. Word? Not exactly the dopest name I’ve heard for a crew but that’s still a nice ‘lil line up and after hearing the Root’s “How I Got Over” (which I thought was a prelude to their album cause it felt more like a Root’s crew album then a true Roots album) I was amped to hear what the MMJB collective was gonna sound like. Well, the wait is over cause their mixtape “The Prestige” just dropped so we’re about to find out.

The album sets off with “500 Horses” and has Root’s percussionist Frankie Knuckles using the same sample Kanye used for “Two Words” and gives the crew the green light to just tear ish down throughout the entire project. “Tear it Down” and “Judgement Day” follow suit and “Contract the World” finally lets me hear someone rip one of my fav Public Enemy interludes. “We Not Playing” has the crew going in over Nice and Smooth’s “No Delaying beat and “Money Make the World Go Round” is where the crew decides to slow jam the news for us. At the end of the day I can tell you this, if you wanna hear mc’s straight spazz out over beats, then this is what needs to be in your CD player, ipod, iphone, blackberry, etc. asap!

The only drawback for me is that being in a group with Black Thought means you’re on a team with one of the best who has ever done it and that can be a gift and a curse. Every member of the group holds their own on “The Prestige” but for me, on every song I find myself waiting for Thought to spit. And again that’s not a dis to PORN, Truck North, STS or Dice because they’re all dope mc’s, it’s just like the ’95-96 Bulls. No matter how good Pippen and Rodman were or how many 3’s Kerr knocked down everybody wanted the ball in Mike’s hands and that’s how I feel about the Money Making Jam Boys. They’re a dope team with a lot of great players and one star, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing cause isn’t that what every team in the league is looking for? That star athlete to help your team win a chip. Well the MMJB don’t have to worry about that cause they’re good on that front.

3.5 outta 5