Album Preview: Through the Wire Produced by Kil


Hello everybody. My name is Kil…and I’m a beataholic…

What does that mean? That means I’m addicted to making beats. I’ve been a studio rat since I was 12 years old and I went to my man Hollis’ studio in West Philly. The second I saw all of the studio equipment, the technique of sampling (because it is a technique to it) and how Hollis was putting songs together, I was hooked. But it wasn’t until I got to Morgan State in ’92 and met my dude Osei who opened up his studio to me, that I started getting serious and about making beats and eventually, moms looked out and copped an ASR-10 for me and I’ve been addicted to making beats ever since.

Throughout the years, things have come into my life that have taking precedence over shopping my music to industry cats (marriage, fatherhood, etc.) but I never stopped making music. About a year and a half ago I had a placement on MOP’s last album “Foundation” for a song called “Rude Bastard” and since then I’ve been blessed to have a nice stable of mc’s I’m producing for. Last year I produced an album “The Grey Area” for my man Vegas ( and we’re about to start on the follow up “You’re All Welcome” next month but in the mean time, I’m releasing my instrumental project called “Through the Wire” that’s inspired by the HBO series, The Wire.

The best way I can describe “Through the Wire” is the perfect marriage between two of my loves, making beats and the HBO television series The Wire. I’ve been addicted to the Wire since it first dropped in 2002 and have been using samples from the show to match the mood of my beats ever since. Over the years I’ve made a rack of beats like this, and decided to put this project together for all the Wire heads out there. If you mess with the Wire and dope beats, this album is right up your alley.

Since writing for Couch Sessions, I’ve gotten used to reviewing other people’s work but I didn’t think it would be fair for me to review my own. So, I figured I’d post some quotes from other websites and DJ’s who have reviewed the album and prayerfully ya’ll will get the gist of the album through their words, not mine. Also be on the look out for the other projects I’ve got dropping in 2011. Next on deck, we’ve got Vegas’ sophomore album “You’re All Welcome”, Philly’s Finest, Driz Lo’s debut album “The Missing Element”, Khalim aka K Fanat’s (former Hydra Records signee with NYC bangers like “Zoo York”, “Blowing Up Spots” and “My Style) debut album as well as VI Ghetto Kings’ (Fanat with his brothers Sha-1 and Rahim) debut album. 2011 is gonna be a dope year for hip hop over on this end so stay tuned. Also, to help promote Through the Wire, everyday for the month of February I’m posting videos of some of my favorite Wire scenes over more of my beats. You can check them out on my blog at You can download “Through the Wire” for free at

“Classic instrumental album! It was like I was transported into the rough streets of Baltimore. I recommend the album to fans of the show and real Hip Hop.” Final Score: 5 outta 5” –

“These beats go hard!” –

“One of the grittiest TV series of our generation, skillfully matched with some of the slickest, REAL hip hop production I’ve heard in years. Through The Wire is dope! 5 MPC’s outta 5″ -DJ Kyle “Koz” LaRue, Cox Radio Orlando,

“There’s special attention paid to scope, with whole scenes from the show rolling-out overtop his production; it’s almost like he’s re-scoring his favorite moments from the show.” – Baltimore City Paper

“This is an instrumental, concept album laced with clips from the show as well as samples from street Hip Hop artists that are thoughtfully placed throughout to relate the instrumental it’s on. This doesn’t feel like every other Wire rip off out there. It’s a collection of beats that has a classic vibe to it but doesn’t sound dated.” –

“This project is very enjoyable and it introduces the audience to the production range of Kil. This project is pieced together very well and you can tell that Kil was meticulous in regards to selecting the best sound bytes and beats to match the sound bytes from the Wire.” –