VIDEO: Little Dragon, Black Cat, DC

Most of y’all know that I will always prefer concert photos over video any time of the day. Let’s face it, photo captures an artists moment in time better than any grainy cell phone video ever would.

However, Ralston Smith’s mini-documentary does that and more. If you have been to a Little Dragon concert lately, you know that its an experience. It’s like church almost–a shared revival among your peers as you watch the doctrine as expressed by one Yukimi Nagano and her choir. It’s an experience that is hard to describe, especially to non-believers, those who don’t get it. But for those who do, it’s one for the ages.

Ralston was able to capture this concert better than anyone in recent memory. This mini-documentary for Shine On Me Productions is truly a gem. Enjoy.

[vimeo 19203935 nolink]