VIDEO: Kokayi – Roxtar (Feat. The Rock-afire Explosion)

The homie Kokayi has been on the grind recently in support of his latest effort, Robots and Dinosaurs, and he just dropped a video for the track Roxtar this week. Filmed in Flordia, the video keeps the Robots and Dinosaurs theme alive by featuring the one and only The Rock-afire Explosion as his backing band.

If you’re a child of the 80s then you automatically know about The Rock-afire Explosion. Popular at Showbiz Pizza (and later Chuck E Cheese) they were the highlight of any child’s birthday party. I’m not gonna lie, they scared the hell outta me as a kid, but in recent years, the now defunct animatronics have gotten a revival. Maybe thanks to 80s babies like myself or hipters trying to be cool, but they band has become a hit on YouTube and featured in the video for MGMT’s Electric Feel.

However, it’s Kokayi’s video which brings the group to the forefront–and makes them rock stars in the process. As you know, the track goes hard, and this might be the best video to drop from a DMV artist to date. Check it.

[youtube rJ1i7iFLt8E nolink]

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