VIDEO: Jessie J – Price Tag on Jools Holland

Back in 2009, I called a little known Youtube sensation Jessie Cornish a rising star. Little did I know she would evolve to become Jessie J, the industry’s next it girl. Since those YouTube videos, she was able to write a song, Do It Like A Dude (a track I’m not too fond of) which was supposed to go to Rhianna, and became the winner of BBC’s Sound of 2011.

Although her lead single was meh, the follow up, Price Tag is a better showcase of her vocal and songwriting skills, and the official single will have B.O.B. attached, meaning that they’re hoping for massive radio airplay. This video of her on Jools Holland was actually from November (which is a year in “blog” terms) but I wanted to share this with those who haven’t seen it already. You know I already have a thing for British females, so I’m excited for her success. Enjoy. (via Whitney’s Facebook)

[youtube S849lrkmuRc nolink]