Review: Nostalgia for Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights Release

Carlitta DurandForrest-Gump

Download: Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights

Carlitta Durand is one of those artists that make her job look effortless. She is pure natural talent. In the past she has collaborated with The Foreign Exchange, ZO! and 9th Wonder, lacing covers and hooks with her vocal abilities. Her latest release Nostalgic Nights… is not at all what I expected from this melodic mystery lady.

The musical elements are there, melody, harmony, rhythm etcetera, but I can’t help but wonder if Carlitta is completely engaged. There is a melancholy quality to Nostalgic Nights and it most certainly keeps with the theme of nostalgia but has me yearning for a Carlitta and Phonte duet.

The tracks are not as full and warm, which is how I am normally use to hearing Durand but I am trying to give it a chance. Brooklyn producer Jay Sentine samples Roy Ayers’ “Searching” on the track “iCarli”. He also produced “Occupied” with Madame Sabrosa and “23rd Floor” which are the tracks that hold my attention the most. (Also check out the bandcamp track  of the cover “All I Want is You” with Madame Sabrosa, which I really like!)

The track “Forrest Gump” produced by Abjo from San Diego, also piqued my interest but was done in 1 minute and 23 seconds and left me longing for more. “Sweet July” has a great mellow jazz feel to it and could possibly go on repeat. I am not really fond of all the arrangements  on some of the tracks. I believe Carlitta could quite possibly be creating an esoteric collection of tunes that will be loved only by a few.

All in all the CD is not bad just unexpected.

Notable tracks…

“Sweet July”

“Forrest Gump”

“23rd Floor”

3 out of 5