NEW MUSIC: SOFRITO – Tropical Dicotheque

Combing the vast and wide landscape of jazz and all its cousins for the perfect beats is no small endeavor, which is why compilations like this one are such a pleasure to encounter. Collected and arranged by DJs Frankie Francis, Hugo Mendez, and The Mighty Crime Minister who comprise the U.K.-based SOFRITO music party collective, Sofrito-Tropical Discotheque is a dance-inherent archive of sounds old and new, Latin and Caribbean, electronic and instrumental, cumbia and calypso.

According to Strut Records, the below track, “Arrete Mal Parlé” by Fair Nick Stars, is taken from the group’s first album. Fair Nick Stars were active in the late ‘70s in Guadeloupe and across the French Caribbean, recording several albums for Gilles Sala’s consistently tough Capriccio label. The cut is a perfect example of the vinyl collectors’ expertise and a excellent showing of how incredible dance music truly is to the human experience.

Fair Nick Stars- Arrete Mal Parlé by Strut

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