NEW MUSIC: Born I x Zna Queene – Memory Lane

Born I x Zna QueeneMemory Lane
[audio:|titles=06 Memory Lane]

I’m not gonna lie, I harken back to the day of club hip-hop. That early 90s era where you weren’t surprised to see a house remix on a B-side of a Queen Latifah record. It was time when the New York House Scene and Hip-Hop secene flirted with amazing results. That time is over, but it seems now that it’s coming back, especially with the EDM movement becoming so prevelent in the hip-hop scene.

However, this Born I x Zna Queene track is not so much based on the former, but a throwback to the latter. No head nodding here, it’s a genuine floor filler track, designed to get the club hype. Production by Bmore legend Godfather Sage is to blame for the instrumental, and his knowledge of house and club is essential in creating a track that takes from both but sound like neither. And yes, our friend Zna Queene of Lazerbitch is on the hook.

Check it.