MUSIC: Drake vs Jeremih – I Get Lonely Too

I think I’m the only writer/blogger/etc that was excited for a Drake R&B project. Let’s face it, the dude has hooks and melodies for days, and since he has no street cred as a hip-hop artist, the move to R&B was a natural one for sure.

But the industry has other plans unfortunately, and two of Drake’s songs on the project have been handed off to other singers. The hit single “Fall For Your Type” is dope, but you can almost tell that Jamie Foxx is uncomfortable singing a song so emo in nature. And now, the brillant (but also emo) I Get Lonely Too gets handed off to Jeremih (Jeremy? Jeremiah?) with sub-par results.

It’s not that Jeremih does a bad job on this track. It’s just that Drake has found a lane in his production style, thanks to Toronto-based cohorts Boi-1da and Noah “40? Shebib. When that sound is handed off to someone it lacks the trademark Drake style, and so far no artsist has been able to recreate that.

Don’t be mad for Drake though. He get’s writing credits for both projects, which is at times more valuable than just being a singer on a track. So even if we never hear this R&B project, Drizzy is singing all the way to the bank. Tracks via Hypetrak.

What do y’all think?


Drake – I Get Lonely Too by Hypetrak

Jeremih version

Jeremih featuring Drake – I Get Lonely Too by Hypetrak