HELLA DOPE: Air Jordan III – Inspired Olympus Digital Camera

The Japanese camera manufacturing company Olympus, recently hosted a special custom series campaign for their new 3-PL2 digital cameras. One particular model that has caught the eye of sneaker-heads all over the world comes from a guy out of Hong Kong by the name of James – who used the Air Jordan III and the beloved elephant print as his muse when designing a new hand grip.

According to sneakernews.com, every single installment of the historic Air Jordan Legacy was inspired by an object close to Michael Jordan’s heart. The Air Jordan XIV was a tribute to his Ferrari and the Air Jordan V mimicked a Mustang fighter plane. So for this custom design, James saw it only fit to return the favor by using his basketball hero as inspiration.

Obviously there are much better camera’s out there to spend money on. But for those into their sneaks – having a camera inspired by one of  the hottest pair of Jordan’s to ever come out definitely gives your joint an added piece of dopeness. Peep the pics below.