From The Soundcloud Dropbox: Nicole Alicia Brenny – Best Nights

What drives me to go through hundreds of lackluster music tracks (something which I hate) is finding that one special gem of a song. It’s happened twice this week alone. First with Marques Toliver, and now with Nicole Alicia Brenny.

Unfortunately, even in this information age, not much is known about Ms. Brenny. However, I did manage to find her Tumblr page, in which she talks about going into a cabin for 10 days to record her latest EP. The Minnesota native, who was a member of the band Waxx Maxx last year is working with producers in Montreal to finish the EP, which should be out soon.

The track Best Nights, which ended up in our Dropbox is a lightly orchestrated track which shows her appeal. I’m definately looking forward to more music from Ms. Brenny.

Best Nights (Demo) by nicole_alicia_