FOOD: The Meatball Shop, NYC

Photos by Ralston Smith. Please Support.

It hasn’t been open for a year, yet The Meatball Shop has already become a New York institution. In fact, two other locations are already in the works.

Creating a whole dining experience around The Meatball is such an odd thing to do, and only in a city like New York can it be executed so perfectly. Starting from the top (which they call “naked balls.” Pause.) you cant create an an astonishingly different array of meatball combinations, from pasta to sliders, heros, and what they call The Kitchen Sink–Balls and sides–and the Family Jewels, including egg. All this creates a limitless amout of stomach orgasms.

On top of that, we recommend the $6 Sangria, which comes in a rather small glass, but is enough to knock you off your feet after just one. As with most new establishments, it comes in many flavors, but Red is just fine for us.

If you come to the Meatball Shop, get prepared for a wait. The Lower East Side spot is probabaly as big as your Grandmas’ dining room. However, even after 45 minutes I have to say that the wait was most certainly worth it.

The Meatball Shop
84 Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002