CES 2011: Lady Gaga Makes Polaroid Relevant Again

Remember Polaroid cameras?

It seemed that we all had those instant cameras in our youth. The act of taking a picture, watching it magically print, and then shaking it to reveal the image was almost a ritual. But like everything in life, there is change. The digital camera created the same effect without the wait, albeit without the novelty factor.

So what is a company to do? In 2010 Polaroid made the bold move to hire Lady Gaga as their creative director. At first, I thought it was a gimmick, a last ditch effort to revive a brand that’s headed to the glue factory. However, at CES, the brand dropped the first in what should be many Gaga influenced products, in collaboration with Ammunition LLC (the guys behind the Nook and Beats By Dre Headphones).

The Grey Label line includes the Zink (Zero Ink) camera, which takes the design of their old school Polorid cameras into the 21st century. Sadly, there is no instant photography (although you can cop a photo printer for that), but the 12 megapixel camera looks like something out of a Gaga music video, and the head turning factor will greatly outweigh it’s inpracticality.

On the more exotic are these camera sunglasses which allows a person to take photos from their perspective, with two LCD displays to view the results. Whether this is an actual product or a concept is yet to be seen, but it’s enough to make the old school brand relevent again.

[youtube zJH3COUkocs nolink]