ALBUM REVIEW: Slakah the Beatchild – Something Forever SPECIAL EDITION

Slakah the Beatchild really did Canada proud with last October’s release of the E.P. Something Forever. For those of you who couldn’t (and didn’t) get enough of this super-talented producer/singer/M.C.’s brand of soul and hip-hop fusion, StB is releasing a Special Edition of Something Forever containing four new tracks:  “This Beautiful Thing” featuring rapper Ebrahim, “The Cure,” which deserves to be heavily rotated on American ‘quiet storm’ radio formats, “D.A.N.C.E.,” which samples Minnie Ripperton’s “Inside My Love” (most famously featured in A Tribe Called Quest’s “Lyrics To Go”), and “War Within,” also featuring Ebrahim and Swedish soul singer Tingsek.  These extra songs are a good summation of themes that are woven throughout the album as a whole:  dancing your ass off, spreading positive vibes, and (inner) conflict resolution, especially as it pertains to love and relationships.

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This was a smart move on StB’s part.  I was thinking “why didn’t he just have these on the regular version?”  And then it hit me:  he wants you to re-visit the album!!!  The addition of the new tracks gives the Something Forever album the feel of an L.P. instead of an E.P. and sounds like how it was meant to be heard.  If he had added these tracks to the original version, you would have heard them, and you would have played this album for a while, and you would have moved on to the next hot album.  With the release of this special edition, you owe it to yourselves to give this album more rotations and think about how much more satisfying it is with the bonus tracks.  Most bonus tracks tend to sound like disjointed mishaps that were omitted from albums for a good reason.  These extra songs do not sound like typical ‘bonus tracks,’ but more like songs that deserved to be on the album from the jump.