Album Review: Nobody- One For All Without Hesitation (free download)

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Auto-Tune Artistry

DJ Nobody is back with a new album which he is offering for FREE on his website.  DJ Nobody (aka Elvin Estela- aka Nobody) hails from Southern California and is known for his tremendous efforts on “Pacific Drift…Western Water Music Vol. 1” and “…and Everything Else.” He also has collaborated on numerous side projects including a recurring DJ gig at Low End Theory in LA, a (now defunct) band called Blank Blue which released the follow up to “Pacific Drift” well as some work with The Mars Volta.

His new album titled “One For All Without Hesitation” encompasses a few years of work for the DJ/Producer, but the later portion of the title “…Without Hesitation” is appropriate since the it was produced in an amazingly short 17 days.  The LA Weekly music blog “West Coast Sound” has an awesome interview with DJ Nobody where he clues us in to the production process of “One For All..”  He mentions it was inspired by some bad past personal emotional experiences, but also that it aided in his healing process and that the album is for the people (“One For All…”) that were with him through those tough times.  Pretty powerful stuff!

In a bit of a diversion from his other work, every track  on the album uses some form of Auto-Tune, but it is done in an interesting and artistic way.  I don’t believe DJ Nobody is well known for his vocal talents, but by using Auto-Tune he makes the melodic vocals quite enjoyable and lays them over his signature well-crafted beats.  His usual beautiful synth work is also back along with great guitar parts which were also periodically enhanced with Auto-Tune along with the vocals throughout the project.  I highly recommend checking out the guitar solo on “90 Degrees” which was a bluesy masterpiece!  The soulful guitar work and vocals truly make this album his most emotional yet and you almost ache with him as he shares the pain he had to go through in losing his special someone.

There isn’t really one genre that fits DJ Nobody’s music.  Some may call it psychedelic hip-hop or pop, you may hear some dance tracks, and I also hear some chill wave as well (see: “Face to the Sun” and “Psycho Alpha Theta” on this album) but he meshes a myriad of sounds together into a gorgeous total package.

Check out all of his stuff if you can, but for a good start, you can pick up “One For All…” on Nobody’s website at