A Resolution: Resolving not to Resolve…

I stopped making resolutions about 3 years ago. Mainly because I never kept them. The do-over/do better button was broken.  How does one night magically change your circumstances? Every year people come up with lists of promises to themselves to do something in the coming year that they didn’t do in the past. Gyms cash in on the notion and start offering gym services heavily during the holidays. People also fall for it. Currently, my gym is starting to see an influx of people. Classes are tighter and more and more machines are less available. I couldn’t help but wonder where this idea of making a resolution started; just like the whole idea of eating black-eyed peas and greens for luck and money (mine are in the crockpot now) at the stroke of midnight or on New Year’s Day.

I know things are passed down through generations and sometimes we just keep tradition to keep traditions. Like celebrating the New Year in the dead of winter based off of the calendar of Julius Caesar created during 46 BCE to apparently align better with the seasons. Don’t you think of rebirth when you think of a new year? Wouldn’t that be spring time, like late March, when flowers bloom and the idea of planting crops arise?

The month of January was named after Janus, the god of beginnings and the guardian of doors and entrances, so we begin a new year based off of pagan god not because a new season arrives or it is necessarily logical to do so. It is highly possible that resolutions were born with Janus as he was said to be a God that could “forgive transgressions”.  Romans would give gifts and make promises in hopes that Janus would be favorable and bless them in the coming year.  Another interesting explanation for resolutions was said to be merely for the return of borrowed farm equipment to your neighbors. Anyone have some garden shears they need to return?

Shouldn’t personal goals be ongoing as you develop? If you have to wait to start over during the new year I would venture to say you had no intention of doing it anyway. What is the saying? ‘Why put off something you could do today tomorrow”… or something like that. Some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions are

Losing Weight

Quit Smoking

Get out of Debt

Quit Drinking

Learn Something New

Spend more time with family

Enjoy life more

Get Organized

Volunteer more

The new year does bring with it a boost of new energy. However,  I say if you want to do something new or change a portion of your life you don’t have to wait to do it, it can be done at any time. After all, you have the power to change… remember?