TV: Master of the Mix Finale


So this is what is comes down to, huh? Brooklyn’s DJ Scratch against Philly’s Vikter Duplaix. I can’t front, going into tonight’s challenge I was pulling for DJ Scratch cause I came up on this dude with EPMD but after seeing Scratch choppin it up with his BK brethren Clark Kent and DJ Spinna and then seeing Vik chop it up with Philly’s LEGENDARY DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money and Cash Money saying  “bring it home for the cheesesteaks,” I had to switch sides at the last second to hold it down for my city and ride with Vik.

As both of these cats touch down in London, they’re met by Just Blaze who brings out the legendary Grandmaster Flash to go record shopping with these dudes. The challenge is for each DJ to go diggin’ and find an album that’s important to them. Scratch come’s out with Big Daddy Kane’s CLASSIC album “Long Live the Kane” and Vik digs out the O’Jays Greatest Hits.

First up this week to spin is DJ Scratch who comes out with guns blazing playing Kanye’s “Runaway” and mixing in Vikter Duplaix’s name in during the chorus! Yeah, Scratch is going for the jugular. As the mix goes on Scratch throws on Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and now this dude has an Iron Man mask I just saw at Toys R Us while I was Christmas shopping with my 5 year old daughter and I’m like “come on fam” the Jason mask was ill in’89 when you won the chip but fam, it’s 2010! No more masks…please. Vik comes out with Mr. Steal Your Girl’s “Say Ahh” but ya’ll know how Vik plays, Vik will play a whole set of songs you’ve never heard but dude was mos def playing to the London crowd but it seems during his whole set he had cats in his ear trying to fix the sound. As usual, when it comes to the editing of the mixes you can never tell who came off better so I’m on the edge of my seat to see who wins.

Going into the judgement round, it seems like Scratch was gonna take the L because David Tapscott, Smirnoff Brand Director wasn’t feeling Scratch’s dis of Vikter at all. Also, Kid Capri wasn’t feeling the reason why Scratch picked Kane’s album. And on top of all of that, during Scratch’s set his turntables were messing up. Now, I’m not a Vegas score keeper but if Vik won the record challenge AND Smirnoff’s brand manager wasn’t feeling him dissin’ Vik during his set…can ANYONE tell me how Scratch took home the chip?!?!?! No hate towards Scratch AT ALL but really?!?! Don’t sweat it Vik, Canada just did the SAME EXACT THING last week to my philly old head Bernard Hopkins. Philly cats gotta stop taking these championship fights in other countries! But all that aside, I gotta say congrats to the world famous DJ Scratch for becoming Smirnoff’s 1st Master of the Mix and having his pockets $250,000 heavier. So in the immortal words of Common, hey Sratch, can I borrow a dollar?