TV: Master of the Mix Episode 7


Episode 7 of Master of the Mix and we’re down to 3 DJ’s and you gotta love how Alex sets off the show with not only a new drink called the “Root Down” but a nice ‘lil dis aimed right at Vikter’s dome. “Vikter, I see your wearing your Michael Jackson member’s only jacket!” LMAO! So this week’s challenge is remixing Reflection Eternal’s “In the Red” and each of the DJ’s get 7 days to make it happen. Our first stop of this challenge is to my hometown of Illadelph, the city of brotherly love to check in on Rich Medina and his production set. Then we’re out to BK to check out Scratch in his studio called Area 51 getting busy on the MPC 3000. He also shows us his Jam Master Jay shrine which has Jay’s hat, the cazals, the rope chain and the ill JMJ Adidas. Next stop is out to LA with Vikter who’s recording in Will Smith’s studio “The Boom Boom Room” and I’m peeping mad cats are using the Ableton Machine now…might have to cop one of those, but never getting rid of the MP.

As usual Kid Capri is the head DJ/judge in charge and the guest judge is Mr. Kweli. So first up is Mr. Dupliax with a ‘lil techno house type remix. Next is Mr. Medina with a nice ‘lil cool out native tongue type mix and last but not least is Scratch who came in with “an aggressive but melodic” banger. If I was judging this week, I’d have to go with Scratch by a hair over Rich and Vik having to take the L back to Philly, but I also thought Vik was losing last week and he won so what do I know?

The finals of Master of the mix is gonna be in London and the winner of this challenge will get a first class ticket to the UK and the cat that will be chillin in first class is DJ Scratch! Now, Rich and and Vik gotta battle it out on the 1’s and 2’s to see who’ll be taking the trip to London with Scratch and like Rich said “djing is like fighting, don’t leave it in the judges hands, just finish the f-cking fight” and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Truth be told, Centric gotta spring for some better editors next season cause not one mix from any DJ this whole season has sounded good, but from what pieces of the puzzles I could put together, I still can’t call who’s mix was better. It’s taken seven shows and this is the first time I’m on the edge of my seat cause I don’t know who’s going home. But at the end of the day, Rich Medina took the L this week and now it’s down to the last two DJ’s standing, Vikter Duplix vs. Scratch in the finals in next week in London.