TV: Master of the Mix Episode 6


Episode 6 of Master of the Mix and the DJ’s are off to sunny LA and as usual I have NO idea what Just Blaze is wearing but back to the matter at hand. After having the DJ’s flown via helicopter to a secret location, they’re ushered into an airport hanger where there’s a full fledge party going on. As usual, Alex hooks them up with a nice ‘lil cocktail called “The Match Up” and we find out the guest judge this week is Jack Davey (the lead vocalist for the group J Davey) and this week’s competition is to play alternative music that’s outside the box of what each DJ’s usual set is. The question of the week was what legendary DJ/producer help birth “hip house” and Vikter came up with the correct answer which was Ty Terry. So the order this week for the DJ’s to spin? Rich, Scratch, Vik and Joyce.

I gotta say the DJ’s held it down in this order: Scratch, Joyce, Rich and then Vik. I’m kinda lost on on who’s going home this week cause nobody came wack but I guess it’ll be up to the judges definition of “alternative”. And to my surprise, Vik is this week’s winner! But the part that blows me is money got the new iphone 4 for winning but my dude Rich Medina didn’t get any Apple products when he held it down and won a competition! What’s good with that?!?!? Well, as I said earlier it’s up to the judge’s definition of “alternative” and it’s obvious their definition wasn’t mine cause my top 2 were their last 2! I thought they just wanted cats to get out their box of what they normally played which I felt Scratch and Joyce did but Kid and Jack obviously wanted joints nobody EVER heard before which ain’t alternative to me, but I guess that’s why I’m not a guest judge. So this week, the Bronx’s favorite daughter Jazzy Joyce had to head back to the BX, so now we’re down to the last 3 DJ’s, Scratch, Rich Medina and Vikter Duplaix.

Next week, looks like the DJ’s are gonna have a producer challenge on their hands which should be real dope since all 3 of these DJ’s have production credits under their belts. I’m mos def looking forward to next week!