TV: Master of the Mix Episode 5


Episode 5 of Master of the Mix already!?!? Time is flying and so are th DJ’s. DJ Revolution and DJ Mars are gone. Kid Capri is looking straight. Scratch, Vikter, Rich and Joyce are looking like they’re about jump DJ Rap North Philly style and catch a case. Now THIS is reality tv at it’s finest! You can’t have TRUE reality television without some drama right? I guess cats felt the tension in the air cause as soon as the DJ’s left Miami for NYC the first thing they did was check in with the diabolical one (well, the first thing they did was get a drink made for them by Alex, called the “Backspin”) so they could get some things off their chest. You KNOW things are bad when Biz is your therapist! But after sitting on Biz’s couch we learn DJ Rap doesn’t think she’s gonna win the competition and none of the DJ’s like when Rap claps her hands. So the moral of the story…I don’t think cats are feeling DJ Rap right now.

This week’s guest judge is the one and only DJ Q Bert who is one of the founding members of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and one of the illest DJ in the universe. As usual it’s time for the question of the day which is “what DJ had their first guest feature on the commercialy released hip hop record with a member of the electro pop group LMFAO before LMFAO existed?” And of course no one knew the answer, but out the shadows of DJ’s past pops the answer, DJ Revoultion. I know R Kelly told us about about when a woman’s fed up but I think Rev is back to do his version of when a DJ’s fed up cause money don’t look too happy.

So with all that being said, this week’s challenge is actually probably the easiest challenge the DJ’s have had so far….sike! These cats are about to play a game of horse with Q Bert and Revolution! And truth be told, for the exception of Scratch, scratchin’ ain’t none of these DJ’s forte. So, at this point EVERYONE should know who’s gonna win AND lose this challenge, right? Q Bert starts the DJ’s out easy, but even as easy as it was,DJ Rap couldn’t keep up. But when Revolution steps up to the plate, he took the game to the NEXT level. Let’s just say if Q Bert was Busy Bee’s rap style of the 70’s, Revolution skipped over the entire 80’s and went straight to Nas’ style of the 90’s and you could see the shook looks on the DJ’s faces (except for Scratch) that those Queensbridge cats were telling us about on the Infamous. So after Rev’s set, Joyce and Vik get evicted (even though on ep. 1, Vik said he COULD do Revolution’s style…guess he was wrong) and now it’s down to Rich vs. Scratch to follow Q bert’s lead which leaves DJ Scratch standing as the winner. But while everyone thinks it’s a done deal, remember there’s a scorned DJ on the set, so next up we’ve got Scratch and Revolution going head to head.

Rev comes out the gate with guns blazing but come on, he’s going against DJ Scratch! Rev’s never seen an EPMD show?!?!?! He’s never seen a DJ Scratch set?!?!?! Money’s never heard his scratches on EPMD’s “Gold Digger?!?!?” But just like Scratch said, I give Rev props for him coming at the king. And truth be told, Rev held it down but Sctach had TOO many tricks. Scratching while switching hands and juggling the other 12″ record. Scratching with his nose and then to top it off he starts scratching with his krispy kreme (that’s what my daughter and I call clean white kicks) air force ones! Needless to say, Scratch won. So at the end of the day like I said earlier everyone should’ve known Scratch was gonna win and DJ Rap was going home and that’s exactly what happened. Now we’re down to four DJ’s…who do ya’ll think will be the next to go?