Trends of 2010: The Rise of the Duo

What is it about the male/female duo that produces amazing music? Is it the sexual tension? The “are they together or aren’t they?” speculation that fuels blog buzz? Or is it the fact that a lack of additional band members allows more cohesion in the studio?

Questions aside, the rise of the duo is definitely a trend. In 2010 it seems, every act that wasn’t hip-hop was a male/female duo. As our friends at SPIN Magazine notes, there are a of of them. Of coruse there are the old school combinations of Matt adn Kim, J*Davey and obviously The White Stripes. And the bromance of The Black Keys. But it seems that there were more and more acts in 2010 that proved that two is most certainly better than one.

The duo of Robin Hannibal and Coco took the underground by storm in 2010 with their self titled album. Robin’s outernational production and Coco’s silky soulful vocals made for a potent duo.

[youtube pVMIrkLByhw nolink]

Sleigh Bells

The thrash rock Brooklyn duo had some of the most hard hitting beats of the year. Tracks like Infinity Guitars and AB Machines rocked harder than any rock song released this year and they’re lauging all the way to the bank with their Honda commercial money.

[youtube LhYYd5adVY4 nolink]


It’s been little over a year since Sonnymoon’s breakthrough EP, Golden Age, has come into our lives and we’re much better off for it. This Boston duo came almost out of nowhere it seems riding off the strength their Drake Cover Houstonlantavegas, and breakout hits such as Run Away. Within the short timespan of a year toured the country and got signed on indie label Plug Research. Not bad.

[youtube ysLUyiAXPYw nolink]


Compared to most artists, this update New York duo had a mostly underground year, but that dossen’t mean that they didn’t bring it music wise. Their trip-hop beats reminded me of Early 90s England, and their stellar album should not be overlooked.

[youtube BfTZEEJS_uU nolink]

New Look

This Canadian duo popped up on my radar thanks to the homies at The Maroon Cafe this year and I’m still constantly blown away by lead singer Sara Rubia’s voice. Their combination of electro, disco, soul,  and house should not be missed. With songs like “Telephone,” and “Janet,” getting serious spins .

[youtube W0T0X2DOHvQ nolink]