The Alison Carney x CityLife Project

Artists of today, be they musicians or visual, have truly embraced the digital age by completely immersing themselves in the latest in technology, specifically social media.  At the same, these new media have also embraced today’s artists by giving them an array of free tools – creating a synergistic relationship that allows the two the spread their messages organically, albeit technologically.

Enter The Alison Carney + CityLife Project, a new and exciting music-based viral partnership between vocalist Alison Carney and social media platform CityLife, where Alison will engage the Washington, DC area (DC, MD, VA) music community, specifically aspiring producers, for a three month (January, February, and March of 2011) competition that will be hosted on CityLife’s social media platform.

Starting Wednesday December 1, aspiring producers will be able to upload beats to with the hope of Alison selecting their music which, if chosen at the end of each month, will be released the following month as a “digital-only” exclusive on and  Overall, the project will allow Carney to show her love of and support for her hometown and its music community while also providing a powerful way of fostering local talent.