Single Review: Dawaun Parker – Schemin


Dawaun Parker has been putting in work in the production game for a minute.  Being part of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath camp, you’ve mos def heard his work over the years but maybe you haven’t known you were hearing HIS work. But trust, if you listen to Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Jay Z , Dr. Dre and damn near every track on Eminem’s “Relapse” album then you’ve heard Dawaun Parker. Next up for the Grammy winning producer– coming from behind the MP’s and the keyboards to hold down the mic for his EP “Decisions.”

Dawaun’s 2nd single “Schemin” is a huge piece of the puzzle to what’s missing in the game right now, which is actually making a good song. “Schemin” gives Dawaun an ill sounding board to talk about his come up in the game with lines like “take time in this game, to rise in this game when you came from nothing to having what I’ve obtained.” Not to mention the beat is SICK! The drums instantly remind me of Dre’s influence (or is it really Dawaun’s influence on Dre?) but the vocal sample for the track is perfect and the live horns just help to make the beat the complete song I was talking about earlier.

If this track is ANY indication of what’s coming out of Dawaun’s bag for the Aftermath camp, we should not only get excited about Dawaun’s new EP “Decisions” but we also need to be praying that Dawaun put in some work on hip hop’s “Loch Ness Monster” called “Detox.”