Review: Opolopo- “Voltage Controlled Feelings”

Swedish synth producer “Opolopo” is gettin’ down with the synth funk on his latest release on Tokyo Dawn Records called “Voltage Controlled Feelings.”  The title is appropriate since there is a veritable smorgasbord of electronic sounds on this album on which to feast upon. At first listen, especially on the opening track “Glide” I heard a lot of Herbie Hancock or Harold Faltermeyer “Axel F” type of sounds with choppy, funky bass lines intertwined with runs of robotic synth beeps and other bluesy electric sounds that made up the melody.

There are a ton of 80’s-type synth and other various electronic sounds throughout this album.  For instance, my favorite track on the album was the furiously paced dance track “Kobayashki Maru.”  It has a breakneck synth/disco beat and reminded me of a soundtrack to a “Miami Vice” chase scene with boats zooming around Biscayne Bay.  At first I thought perhaps the title was reflective of the champion hot dog eater’s eating speed, until I googled it and found out it was a test in the fictional world of “Star Trek.” Sorry Opolopo, but this guy is a Star Wars fan.

The late 70’s/early 80’s hip-hop sound is also alive and well on this album.  On “Our World” (featuring vocalist Erik Rico), I can definitely hear some nods to the “Minneapolis Sound” made famous by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of “The Time” and further made well known to the populous by the purple one, Prince.  You can probably also pick up some Parliament Funkadelic influence as well, most notably on “Take it Slow,” which features a funky “P-funk” beat and the vocals of Sacha Williamson as well as on “Bonafide” which featured the vocals of Amalia.

“Voltage Controlled Feelings” was released on December 3 on Tokyo Dawn Records.  If you’re in to some funky, electronic synth goodness, go get it!!