Reader Best of 2010: Laurent of 33 Mag

Name: Laurent
Location: Montréal, Canada
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Lost in the World from Kanye West’s My Beautifufl Dark Twisted Fantasy

[youtube dyQpQhrQ5Zs nolink]

Lots of things have been said about Kanye and his 5th album. From the flamboyant performance at the VMAs to the controversy of his 10/10, I still think he managed to put out a astounding record at a time where everyone was ready to tear him in flames.

I could’ve picked Runaway to be the iconic song of this album, but for me nothing represents better his walk to redemption than this collabo with Bon Iver.

Shutterbug from Big Boi’s Sir Luscious Left Foot The Son of Chico Dusty

[youtube rWsvkW6rKkQ nolink]

This record had all the signs of a flop: delays over delays, big promises, and an artist we hadnt heard in years.

But Big Boi came out strong, with a production team that delivered the best beats of the year.

Shutterbug is in a class of it’s own, and a sure shot for everyone who gets invited in a youtube party.

I Need A Dollar form Aloe Blacc’s Beautiful Things

[youtube iR6oYX1D-0w nolink]

This song crossed over publics, genres and generations like few others this year. I am awaiting impatiently the second season of How to make it America.

Holding You Down from Jazmine Sullivan’s Love me back

[youtube TwZl9WCHjnc nolink]

An artist I’ve discovered on Couch Sessions. Ever since her album Fearless, I’ve been successfully convincing people around me to give a listen to this artist who sounds like those 90’s mixtapes with R&B accapellas over rap beats.

The first single of her new album is visually great (check the video), speaks the truth and pays a great hommage to Nas.

Alaclair Ensemble – 4, 99

It’s a long shot here, but I think that Couch Sessions readers needs to pay attention to this Montreal super-group.

Backed by Kenlo Craqnuque (breakneck, in french slang, a producer that I like to call the Madlib of the North, check the latest of his free beats serie : and pioneers of Quebec scene, this bandcamp album if full of crazy puns, great punches and spectacular flow. For the non-french speakers, you’ll just enjoy productions, which are a treat.

It emulates what we all liked in rap, while taking it to the 21st century.
Check it out: