Reader Best of 2010: DeVon


Name: DeVon
Location: DC
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Corinne Bailey Rae – The Sea

[youtube oZfp7Txyk_Y nolink]

The album shows true artistry because even through her adversity she grows as an artist and at the beginning of the year releases one of the top R/B albums of the year.

Sade – Soldier of Love

[youtube IR5_rTCi-Bo nolink]

Sade proves that singles are truly powerful. She hasn’t had an album, single out in 10 years and drops 1 song that pretty much has everyone going crazy. Honestly she goes gold in a week of of one song. That’s power.

The Roots  – How I Got Over

[youtube zI4D1QOLGuM nolink]

The roots released one of their more cohesive projects in a while. From beginning to end a solid record that can get a lot of play!


[youtube 1Moge_dQPeU nolink]

Not many are familiar with Shad but his latest album TSOL shows that music from the heart is all you need. It is a solid record , he’s a good artist hopefully writing this will at least enlighten a few.

Zo! -Sunstorm

[youtube m3VB6UvVFVU nolink]

I’m giving it to you all straight! You know when you’re in the car and you go nuts off an entire album, song after song…that’s a winner. Mind you, this is an R/B album although as far as a what music is suppose to do…make you feel better, this album does exactly that. Sunstorm is the correct title of this album because it will brighten up you whole day. The quality and smoothness of the production and the vocalists will make you thankful people still care about music.