RE-POST: Teena Marie Interview

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Download: Teena Marie Interview

Last year, freelance journalist Marcus Dowling and myself  had the pleasure to interview the one and only Teena Marie. I felt I had to repost this because, honestly, this is one of the best interviews (if not the best) that we’ve ever featured on the site. Out of all of the artists that we’ve featured, she was the most open and insightful, and it was a beautiful conversation. Who knew then that it would be our final opportunity to chat with her.

Our prayers go out to her family and friends. Teena, you will be missed.

  • soulcrackers1979

    Not sure why but she bring back some real happy memories anyone into soul music in late 70’s well 79 onward her records been played in the clubs and controversy around the fact she was white , but years have proved that she had more soul than most – god bless the family she left behind let’s hope her daughter make it in this difficult business

    • Janice

      Still cant believe shes gone. Praise God she left us those beautiful recordings to remember her by. Growing up in Inglewood, Ca., and singing gospel and R&B, Ive always been compared to her. (Im also a white girl w/a soulful voice) I hope to play her in a movie about her life story if they make one. Cant wait to hear her daughters music. God be with her family.

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