NEW MUSIC: When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever

Like so many musical progeny spilling out of Scandinavia, When Saints Go Machine brings a unique techno, ethereal splash to the dance floor. Mixing orchestral backdrops with synthesized beats, pulsating drums and melancholic vocals, the group name “When Saints Go Machine” is narrowly fitting. The new lead single, “Fail Forever,” previews an EP by the same name, set to release in January.

Slightly reminiscent of the likes of Bowie, Morrissey and the more recent Fever Ray, When Saints Go Machine is original enough to demonstrate a completely separate sound. All told, the preview sounds like something I’d most definitely be moving to in the club, potentially even motioning towards the glow sticks if that club happens to be a rave somewhere in Scandinavia, but not necessarily something I’d keep locked in my car stereo for any prolonged period of time. Still, it’s  a group that stands apart and has something worth keeping an eye on.