Levis Presents: The Noisettes – Kilmanjaro (LIVE)

The clothing brand Levi’s recently launched an online mentoring program for young women called Levi’s® Shape What’s to Come. The project aims to give women around the world who are talented, driven and passionate a place where they can connect with peers and mentors alike to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences.

Shingai Shoniwa, the lead singer of the Noisettes has recorded a new song for the program called “Kilmanjaro”. It is a very beautiful piece inspired by the band’s trip to Malawi where they played the Lake of Stars Festival.

Tonight Shingai will host a live web chat on www.shapewhatstocome.com where she will talk about the creation of her music as the soundtrack to her own life and all of the inspirations that aided in her journey to the top of the UK charts. Check it out!