INTERVIEW: DJ Saucee – DC’s Rising Lady DJ

Women have been holding it down in the music industry for many decades. Especially in the recording booth. However, as the end of 2010 nears the number of women stepping into the DJ booth has increased dramatically.

Meet Adrienne Allmond AKA DJ Saucee – one of DC’s leading up-and-coming female DJ’s. Highly influenced by artists like Stevie Wonder and Parliment, Saucee is proof that being a woman with an eclectic ear and true understanding of what people want to hear can take you very far in this business. And it doesn’t hurt that she has a super “Saucee’ style and vibrant personality.

The Howard University alum is still somewhat of a newbie to the DC DJ scene but she has already landed handfuls of dope gigs throughout the city. And now with two mix-CD’s under her belt and her popularity increasing by the day, it is safe to say that DJ Saucee is definitely up next.

I had the awesome opportunity to catch up with her in late October for Howard’s Homecoming party with Monie Love. Saucee was the only female DJ on the bill and she held it down tremendously spinning everything from New Edition to Notorious B.I.G. Check out what she had to say below:

So your name is being mentioned around DC and Baltimore a lot these days. Are you from here?

I am born and raised in West Baltimore.  But I lived in Brookyln, NY for 6 1/2 years and I’ve lived in DC  on and off for about nine years.  But I’ve been in DC consistently for the last four years.

How did you get into DJ’ing?

One day (Summer 2008) a friend and I were just chillin and listening and exchanging music off of our hard-drives and he suggested to me that he could see me being a DJ. When I thought about it – it just clicked and I moved on the suggestion right away. By the Fall I had begun to take some private lessons at Scratch Academy and by Winter 2009 I bought my turntables and mixer. It was history from there.

So the DJ world is obviously a male driven industry, What’s it like being a female DJ in DC? Were there any major obstacles you had to overcome to get gigs or were the guys pretty accepting of letting you into their ‘exclusive clique’?

Well, I think being a female DJ kind of works to my adavatage in a lot of ways. People in DC are ready to see someone different. Female DJ’s tend to have a unique ear and people seem to really appreciate the music I spin. I like to give them classics, thing that they may have forgotten about… you know I like to go digging in the crates.

So the internet has been buzzing (so-to-speak) about Solange (Beyonce’s sister) now becoming an in-demand DJ although she has no real experience but still managed to sign a deal with Roc Nation. What is your take on celebrity DJ’s booking major gigs simply because of who they are or who they’re related to?

You know I’m happy for Solange. She does have a lot of influence around her being in a music family like that. So I think people are going to be naturally interested in what she gonna spin. So good for her.

That’s great to hear you say that because I’ve heard rumors circulating that some female DJ’s in the mix feel that she is taking really big gigs from them simply because of who she is.

Really? Wow. Man it’s about your selection. If your selection is tight, male or female – then you can’t be denied. The crowd wants to hear whoever is selecting those cuts that rock the party. So you know I’m not hating on anybody. I’m being embraced so therefore I’m embracing others as well. There’s enough out here for all of us.

So do you feel like there’s camaraderie in the female DJ industry?

I feel like the female DJ’s are very supportive of each other and we’re supported by our male counterparts as well. They know that it is a male dominated industry and they seem to want to see us out there and being involved. They want to hear our contributions; in a way we influence each other

That’s a great attitude to have.

A lot of people gave me a chance and an opportunity to do what it is that I do best. And because I’m doing it from the heart and it’s something I’m passionate about I’ve been successful at it. And people seem to love what I do so… it’s all good!

So who are some of your favorite DJ’s – male or female?

Jamil Hamilton (DJ Jahsonic) and Rich Medina, I love their musical taste. As for female;  DJ Beverly Bond. I love that she was one of the first female DJ’s I saw doing it that looked feminine and was booking high end gigs and she also started Black Girls Rock.

What are you currently pumping in your headphones?

As in this very moment… nothing lol. But Nicki Minaj has my ear right now and so does Drake and Kanye West. I gotta keep my ears open to what’s currently poppin’ and what the youth like especially.

For more info on DJ Saucee check her out via Facebook or Twitter. For booking inquiries email And be sure to look out for her website launching late December 2010.