Inception iPhone App – Augmented Reality

Now this is an awesome concept…an app that provides a  soundtrack that changes with the listeners environment. I wonder if more composers, especially ambient artists, will start to embrace this type of application. Reminds me of long walks through the Lower East Side with the Esper Edition Bladerunner bootleg (yep…get up on ya’ Vangelis homie) resonating in my headphones. Incredibly surreal.

This app contains 13 ‘dreams’ – soundtrack sequences –  many of which were not heard within the movie and are accompanied by ambient ‘sonic effects’. Each dream can be ‘collapsed’ by either being still, being active or moving to a loud or quiet space.

Although the technology of this app may be a bit out of reach for most musicians (Ah, the things one could do with $600 million in net earnings…), the concept is one easily accessible and open for exploration.

Take the Auckland War Memorial Museum in New Zealand. They’ve created a nine-track compilation ( composed by local artists to be used as the  soundtrack to a visitors experience as they pass through the museums exhibits.

Museums, art galleries, neighborhood walking tours and countless other installations could benefit from this type of enhancement.

It’s good to see more and more recognition being given to the immersive, emotive power of music in our lives.

You can find more information on the FREE Inception iPhone app here: