Free Download: Circle Research- Formulas and Functions (Maylee Todd remix)

Photo courtesy of Circle Research's Bandcamp page

Canadian producers and DJ duo Circle Research have a free download available from their recently released album “Gardiner Express” which appears to be a take off of the similarly named expressway near Toronto.  The road is also featured on the album artwork as well.

“Formulas and Functions” starts off with repetitive short ambient synth tones and a crisp beat.  Maylee Todd’s (another Torontonian) vocal work is the highlight of this remix track.  I say vocal work because not only does she perform the main vocal melody brilliantly, but she does so over muffled loops of her own voice rapping/singing separate parts.  I think it’s a great touch by the producers!  It’s a pretty stripped down track with just a bit of synth key work, the light beat, looped lyrics, and the main melody all as previously mentioned, but it pulls off a hip hop/chill out vibe.

More free tracks are available for download on their Bandcamp page for Gardiner Express. Most of the other songs seemed more hip-hop flavored with heavy beats compared to this chilled out remix of “Formulas and Functions.”

You can check out more of Maylee Todd’s work on her website  I particularly liked the bossa flavored track “Summer Sounds.”