BEST OF 2010: My Top 9 Remixes & Covers

This year, many of my favorite songs came in the form of a remix or cover. In many cases I actually preferred the remix or cover over the original. Here are my top nine tracks that had my ear buzzing in 2010.


Dan Black Feat Kid Cudi – Symphonies (Symphonies Remix)

[audio:|titles=Dan Black Ft. Kid Cudi Symphonies Remix]

UK Electronica singer Dan Black partnered with Kid Cudi for this dope hip hop remix of Symphonies. Black and Cudi vibe very well off of each other and one can only hope that there is more to come.


The xx – Crystalized (Jaime Jones Booty Remix)

[audio:|titles=Crystalised (Jamie Jones’ Booty Mix)]

Although “Crystalized” is probably my favorite song from The xx – I really enjoyed Jaime Jones’ attempt at upping the tempo a bit.


Belleruche – Mirror in the Bathroom (The English Beat Cover)

[audio:|titles=02 Mirror In the Bathroom]

London trio Belleruche did a superb job at turning the 1970’s Ska classic by The English Beat into an awesome lo-fi electronica banger. Although the beat has been flipped the mystique of the original was left perfectly in tact.


Emily Wells – Juicy (Notorious B.I.G Cover)

[audio:|titles=Emily Wells – Juicy]

Surely when Biggie was alive he never imagined that his classic hit “Juicy” would get a symphonic-like makeover a decade plus later. But it did. And it came from a young violinist from New York by the name of Emily Wells. It is very tastefully done and my ear will certainly be on her in 2011.


Lenny Kravitz – Breathe (Chromeo Remix)

[audio:|titles=11 Breathe (Chromeo Remix)]

A Lenny Kravitz remix done by Chromeo? YES please. That collabo sounds dope on paper and fortunately it’s even doper in my headphones. Chromeo gives “Breathe” a very nice funk upgrade making it much better than its predecessor. The world could def use more of these two together.


Seu Jorge & Almaz – Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Roy Ayers Cover)


Seu Jorge’s album was definitely a summer sleeper. The actor/singer did a marvelous job at covering the Roy Ayers classic “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” which was the first single off his debut album . His beautiful baritone voice coupled with his awesome experimental band Almaz , put my mind at ease many-many nights this summer.


ClaraCMusic and Jason – Nothin On You//Airplanes (B.O.B Cover)

[audio:|titles=B.O.B ft. Bruno-Nothin On You & Airplanes (Mashup & Cover by CLARA and JASON)]

B.O.B’s “Nothin On You” will without a doubt be topping many ‘best’ list this month. Which is understandable -it was a pop smash. However, it was a cover done by a prolific Korean-American instrumentalist by the name of Clara Chung (AKA ClaraCMusic) that made me really pay attention to this song, She and her homie Jason recorded this mash-up in a homemade studio in LA – and it had the internet blazing this past Spring. Her voice is simply beautiful. Check out the video here to really grasp the magic these two created.


Belleruche – Backyard (Kidkanevil Remix)

[audio:|titles=02 Backyard (Kidkanevil Remix)]

This joint only officially dropped a few days ago but I am 100% sprung. The UK DJ, Kidkanevil easily produces tracks that are as dope as his name. He took Belleruche’s “Backyard” (which was released in 2008) and turned it into a mangled mix of spaced-out beats and bird chirping? Throw in the lovely voice of Kathrin DeBoer and you have a remix that immediately deserves multiple spins.


Jill Scott – Spring Summer Feeling (Ron Trent Remix)

[audio:|titles=Jill Scott – Spring Summer Feeling (Ron Trent Mix)]

Really there is no need to explain why this is my favorite remix of 2010. If you take one listen to this song you should instantly understand why. Jill Scott is without a doubt an immensely talented vocalist. She has an amazing gift that allows her to wonderfully belt out soulful tunes that just makes your skin crawl. But man… A Chicago house-music DJ by the name of Ron Trent struck gold when he decided to take Jill’s 2004 love ballad, “Spring Summer Feeling” and give it an amazingly dope acid jazz makeover. This is by far the best nine minutes I spent listening to music all year.