Album Review: Marvelous World of Colors – Jason James and Rodney Hazzard


Back in the day Craig G had a song called “The Dopest Duo” talking about him and Marley Marl and the music they created together. Throughout hip hop there have been a lot of “dope duos”, Primo and Guru (R.I.P.), Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Com and No ID and in the future we may be adding the names of Jason James and Rodney Hazard to that list if they keep making music like their newest project “Marvelous World of Color.”

I can’t front, this album sounds like nothing that’s out right now, which isn’t a bad thing in the least. “The Architect” has Jason James explaining that “the architect of a marvelous world-I am him” while “Better As You” could be the PERFECT soundtrack to so many young girl’s lives right now it’s crazy. “Ain’t Gotta Go Home” has Jason in full mack mode and “Exit” is a beautiful tribute to Jame’s grandmother and has him seeing her led him to the heavenly gates and has him pleading with God to let him stay with her. But my favorite song on the album is “Fame Us” and with lyrics like these, you’ll understand why. “For 3 easy payments of your mind, heart and soul/you too can be famous idolized appreciated/crucified and degraded feared, loved and hated/after living in your dream so long you finally made it/everything that made you human slowly slips into regression/your reflection now shaped by the general public perception/cameras are flashing lights singing your soliloquy/ingested by the masses and kept in captivity/every personal moment shared, scrutinized and viewed/put on display daily of the Hollywood Zoo.”

With “Marvelous World of Colors” the duo sets themselves apart from the bulk of the music that’s presently out and with Rodney Hazzard’s beats matching Jason James’ flow perfectly, everyone should be on the lookout for future projects from one of hip hop’s newest dopest duos.

3.5 outta 5