Album Review – “Last Train To Paris” – Diddy Dirty Money


If there was one CD I could care less about dropping this year, next year or whenever it dropped, it would be Dirty Money…my bad, Diddy Dirty Money. I think Puff is a great business man and he helped my fav MC of all time become the icon that he is (let’s be real, if it wasn’t for Puff, Big would’ve had a whole album done with Primo which would’ve been dope for hip hop but he wouldn’t be the icon he is) but as an mc or singer, Puff is the worst! And now Puff has kidnapped two singers (Dawn from Danity Kane and some next chick) to ride shotgun on this crash course called “The Last Train to Paris”?!?!? The selfish bastard.

So, this “Last Train to Paris” is suppose to be a disaster waiting to happen right? So why do I like this CD so much? I gotta give credit where credit is due. Puff executive produced the hell outta this album. He made sure he had the right production, right guest stars, etc. to make up for his shortcomings as a mc/singer…even though he probably doesn’t see that as a shortcoming. The album sets off with “Yeah Yeah You Would”, “I Hate That I Love You” (produced by Darkchild…good to see this cat making bangers again) and “Ass On the Floor”. I probably spent a good hour with those 3 songs on repeat alone.

“Looking for Love” with Usher and “Yesterday” with Chris Brown has me missing Dawn and Kalenna’s voices but Usher and Chris hold it down while Puff tries his best to read and spit the lyrics Rick Ross wrote for him. “Shades” featuring everyone and their mother has ‘Lil Wayne sounding like Andre 3000 did 12 years ago on “Aquemini” (3000 was THAT far ahead of his time huh?) and has Justin Timberlake sounding like he brought his entire collection of marvel comics to the studio with him. (“I can read your mind, Professor X, we can press rewind VHS”, “I’m gonna bend your body Magneto, I’m gonna have my way Carlito”)

We’ve ALL heard Hello Good Morning” with T.I. whether we wanted to or not and the new version of “Angels” has Mr. Maybach Music setting it off and “Your Love” with Mr. Steal Your Girl has Dawn and Kalenna sounding nastier then Pinky & ‘Lil Kim having phone sex. (“I’m gonna put it in your face boy as soon as you wake up, I know you wanna hit it, want me to be your little slut”) “Loving You No More” with Drake ends the album off on a perfect note and as much as I think Puff is the dead weight on this project, I can’t front he kinda comes off on “Someone to Love Me”.

At the end of the day, I’m shocked I like this album and I’ve listened to it ALL DAY (literally) to make sure I’m not buggin, and I’m not. Now, here’s where it gets a ‘lil tricky. Me being a producer, I can literally make myself not hear Puff and just hear all of the other aspect of the track and the other vocalists and enjoy it. If you’re not blessed with that gift, this album may be a little…naw, a lot harder to get through but production wise I thoroughly enjoy this album. And I think that’s because I listen to all genres of music, not just “boom bap” hip hop. Not to mention this album makes a simple 2 step dude like me wanna get up and dance! The moral to the story? “The Last Train to Paris” may end up being the best Christmas present Puff could’ve given us so open up your ears and get a nice ‘lil surprise in your stocking this Christmas.

3.5 outta 5