ALBUM: Gorillaz – The Fall

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Listen: Gorillaz – The Fall

As much as I want to dismiss the iPad as a fad, I gotta respect it’s capability (along with it’s sister iPhone) as dynamic creative platform. Who needs instruments anymore, when you can play everyting on your phone. Who needs turntables when people are making careers as iPad Djs? And who needs a studio if you’re a major label artist if you can record everything on a 10 inch tablet?

The game done changed.

Unlike some iOS projects which sounded tingy, The Fall pushes the limits of the platform and shows us what it’s capable of. The 15 songs included in the album were recorded while the band was on tour in North America and has a distinct sound from Plastic Beach, but still retains the Gorillaz sound. Check it.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Exxille

    Mixed by Stephen Sedgick at Studio 13(Damon’s personal recording studio). Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios = you can not do this at home on your ipad

    • Stone

      I’m sure the tracks were laid down and recorded on the iPad and mixed and mastered in the studio. They probably redid some tracks in the studio as well. But yeah, I doubt EVERYTHING was done on the iPad.

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