VIDEO: Video: Katy B f. Miss Dynamite – Lights On

If you don’t know, we seriously heart Katy B here on The Couch, and we’re also glad to see Ms Dynamite making a comeback in 2010. It’s been too damn long!

The A&R rep that had the idea to get these two together should be praised. Not only is it a no brainer, but it also symbolizes the passing of the torch from one generation of UK songstress to another. As the new anointed one, Katy B has already had 2 top 10 tracks, and is set to crossover into The States real soon. Ms. Dynamite has seen a successful career resurrection, and both artists find themselves collaborating with the electronic supergroup Magnetic Man.

As a dude who used to live in London during the 2-Step era, this track is a throwback to those days, with its 2-step, UK funky, and house vibes. Yes, the subject matter is kind of simplistic, but seriously, who hasn’t partied until the club turned the lights on?

[youtube cJNXXuAxkfk nolink]