Video: Souls of Mischief-“Won One”

Souls of Mischief formed way back in 1991, making their mark on rap instantly with ” ’93 Until Infinity” and have since released four albums , the latest being their 2009 release Montezuma’s Revenge. This CD  was welcomed with open arms by Souls of Mischief fans who were waiting nine years for new material and was  praised for the group’s ability to maintain their signature 90’s vibe while at the same time evolving their sound enough to avoid redundancy.

“Won One” (or simply “One” for those of you looking for it on iTunes) errs more towards the 90’s sound and is accompanied by the equally nostalgic video. Backed by a strong electric guitar riff and a simplistic bass line, the members of the group are projected onto various architecture around the Bay Area ranging from run-down apartment buildings to high-rises, which is meant to symbolize how they and their music transcends any one local. Disappointingly, the product doesn’t do the concept justice. The impositions are blurry to the point where it is difficult to watch, and even the shots that don’t involve buildings are fuzzy enough to be left unappreciated. While I’m sure both of these affects were used for artistic touch and are possibly symbolic in themselves, they detract from the Souls of Mischief’s lyrical abilities and an otherwise enjoyable song.

[youtube 5EEqnTR0IMw nolink]