VIDEO: She’s Got A Habit – Blind Spots

If you’ve asked me what my new favorite discoveries of 2010 would be, I will most certainly say it’s Montreal’s She’s Got A Habit. The group, led by the stunning vocals of American ex-pat Emma Frank and an amazing backup band, the group fills that void between the soulfulness of Quadron and the eccentry of Little Dragon.

But let’s not compare them to other bands, because they’re in their own lane. Their sound blends everything from indie rock, to R&B, to jazz, and everything in between.

The group spent this Fall recording tracks from their fabulous Blindfold Test EP on top of Mount Royal in their hometown, easily one of my favorite places in North America. For their second selection in the video series, they chose my favorite song on the EP (and one of my favorite’s all year) Blind Spots. Enjoy. Seriously, download this EP. It’s worth it.

[vimeo 16682858 nolink]