VIDEO: Cassius – I Love You So

Download: Cassius I Love You So iPhone App

In the changing music world, where access to everything is democratized, artists have to do more than just put out videos to gain exposure. Nowadays everybody knows somebody with a HD Digial SLR and some dope editing skills.

So what does an artists do? Take this video by French duo Cassius, who are signed on electronic label Ed Banger Records. It’s less a video and more of an ad for a dope iPhone app that allows you to chose a pair of lips that make it look like you’re singing along to the song. On top of that, the label is encouraging fans to upload themselves using the app to their portal on Dailymotion. Cheesy? Yes. Effective? Yes.  Props to Retroglo for the find.

[youtube _JEPCIipBdI nolink]