TV: Master of the Mix Episode 4


Another episode of Masters of the Mix and another day in Miami. This week’s guest judge is DJ Marshall Barnes and this week’s challenge is to dress a model to match each DJ’s individual style. This week’s question of the week? Who was the 1st DJ to play at the great wall of China and Jazzy Joyce came in with Fat Man Scoop (?!?!?!) and Scratch came in with DJ Roc Raider and both were wrong (the correct answer is DJ Paul Oakenfold) so Just Blaze picked the order of Vikter, Scratch, Rich, Joyce, Rap and last but not least, Mars.

I thought it was dope how the DJ’s had to spin in a fashion show setting while the clothes they picked out were modeled on the red carpet while out at sea on the ill yacht. But out of all of the DJ’s I felt Rich’s set and his models held it down the best and then ending his set with the Johnny Pate Shaft from Africa soundtrack!?!? BANANAS! And the judge’s agreed with me cause Rich was this week’s winner…but why my man ain’t get an ipad, mac book pro or a travel voucher!?!?! It’s a conspiracy! Lol!

The last two DJ’s on the line this week was Mars and Rap. Kid Capri dissed Mars for his choice of having one of his models sportin a shearling coat in Miami’s heat (Scratch tried to tell him while they were shopping) and then Kid and Marshall went back and fourth a la EPMD beefin about who they thought should go home, so Just Blaaaaaaze had to step in and make the call. Then outta nowhere, DJ Mars just sits down on the floor like he gave up and right then and there I knew who was going home. To quote Scratch “if you’re making your point sitting on your ass, and somebody’s making their point standing on their own two feet, guess who’s point is gonna get across?” And on that note, DJ Rap come and get your drink.