TV: Master of the Mix Episode 3


So, for episode 3 of Master of the Mix, the DJ’s are off in Miami to show off their skills. While Alex whips them up a new drink at the bar, the DJ’s talk about how hard it was to vote DJ Revolution off last week. They also talk about how much of a reality check it was to see one of their own leave and at the end of the day, friendship or no friendship, this is a competition. The guest judges this week are Miami’s DJ Irie and the Smirnoff Brand Director, David Tapscott. The 1st challenge was for the DJ’s to go shopping with $100 and pick out souvenirs that represent Miami. Then theyhad to go to the club and hold it down on the wheels as usual. This time around, though ALL the DJ’s held it down! For the past 2 shows, usual at least one DJ’s mix makes me look sideways, but everyone held their own! And for some reason I’ve been feeling like Jazzy Joyce was the weak link of the crew, but even Joyce held it down!

Now the elimination round had me stumped because like I said before, all the DJ’s did their thing. First up, they announced the winner of this week’s challenge was DJ Scratch which I could mos def see. And for coming in first place this week, this cat walks away with an ipad and $5,000 travel voucher to roll to any of the other cities that Smirnoff is having events in…that’s what’s up. As far as the rest of the DJ’s go, as the judges broke down each one’s set, I was still stumped as to who was going home this week. At the end of the day, the judges let them all slide and didn’t send anyone home this week, which I (and along with some of the DJ’s) thought was wack cause like the DJ’s said earlier this is a competition…somebody gotta go! But it’s all good because I know with the DJ’s still in Miami next week, I know someone will slip up!