TV: Master of the Mix Episode 2


“So just chill…til the next episode” – Snoop

Well, we all know where we left off with episode #1 of Masters of The Mix right? With the elimination round coming down to Jazzy Joyce and Vikter Dupliax, and everything pointing to the Philly representer to take the early L, but Kid Capri, Just Blaze and the Blazettes gave him the John Forte pardon. So, for the next ep, we start off with Just letting the DJ’s know they’re headed to Vegas for their next challenge. The flight was dope because DJ Rap let Jazzy Joyce know that she’s used to being called the “queen of the DJ’s” and Capri called Joyce that…is their a cat fight on the horizon? Like Rich Medina said “estrogen can be a helluva drug” and he ain’t never lied.

Once they got to Vegas and got settled in, they chilled at the bar while Alex (she travels with them too?) mixes them up some drinks and they reminisce on the evolution of their careers as a DJ. After chillin’ they’re introduced to their guest judge this week who is none other than the diabolical Biz Markie who let’s them know their challenge this week is for the DJ’s to spin behind a wall so they won’t be able to see the crowd’s reaction to what they’re playing. I give the show props for stepping up their DJ trivia this week cause I was ready for the question to be “what does DJing stand for?” But Just came with the serious “who was the 1st DJ to play at the Olympics?” question that even had me stumped. With Scratch coming up short with the wrong answer and DJ Rap steppin in with the correct answer, (DJ Tiesto) the competition began. For the most part, all of the DJ’s talked about how hard the challenge was to not be able to see your crowd but everyone was doing their thing until the equipment blacked out on Vikter. But Vikter held it down once he got everything working.

Now, to this week’s elimination round. Jazzy Joyce was the first to get picked to stay aboard this week and was rewarded with a Mac Book Pro laptop (which had me thinking of my man Sheem who’s looking for one to fall off an Apple truck), next up was DJ Mars, followed by DJ Scratch and then DJ Rap leaving Rich Medina, DJ Revolution and Vikter Duplaix. Rich was the first to get let off the hot seat which left DJ Revolution and Vikter Duplaix to battle it out. But instead of being judged by Kid Capri and the Diabolical one, the rest of the DJ’s would judge their set. DJ Revolution came out with guns blazing like money was GQ is Juice with Lloyd Bank’s “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” mix! Vikter came out with the classics and had everyone up in a Soul Train line which already showed me who was coming out on top of this battle. Like Joe Buddens once said, Revolution “picked the wrong time to be strategic.” At the end of the day, Kid Capri voted for Vikter and Biz voted for Revolution but the real decision was left up to his peers and they sent Revolution packing. Revolution’s take on the whole thing? “I went because nobody wanted me meet me in the next challenge or the challenge after that. There’s nothing that needs to be said, give me a pound and get out my face!” Tell em why your mad Rev! My only beef with the show this week is that I think the judges need to let the contestants know what “battle” means. Where I’m from, “battle” mean EXACTLY what Revolution did, scratching, backspinning, etc. Now, maybe the way the show was edited we didn’t see Vikter “battle” but from what I saw, Vikter just got the crowd hype. And in a DJ “battle” you get the crowd hype by the tricks you do, not the records your play.

Next week the DJ’s are in Miami with DJ Irie as the guest judge. Master of the Mix just stepped their game up BIG TIME from the first episode! Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday at 10:30 on Centric and every Saturday night at midnight on BET to check out the next episode of Master of the Mix!