TV: Master of The Mix Episode 1


I HATE reality television. The only reality show I EVER liked was the first season of the Real World with Kevin Powell and Heather B. Other then that, this whole slew of reality mess from Housewives to Dancing with people who used to be stars is just wack to me. And now Centric steps into the coliseum of reality tv with a show Master of the Mix featuring 7 DJ’s (Vikter Duplaix, Jazzy Joyce, Rich Medina, DJ Scratch, DJ Mars, DJ Revolution and DJ Rap) competing for $250,000 and the title of Smirnoff’s in house DJ for a year. I can’t front, this show intrigues me for a variety of reasons. The first being, if this is pulled off right this could be the best representation of our culture in the realm of reality tv. Second, this is a strange mix of DJ’s to put in the same room. It’s like they just pulled DJ names out of a hat and threw them in a house together. And third, 2 of my fav DJ’s (DJ Scratch and Rich Medina) are part of the show.

The first ep starts off with hearing the DJ’s talk about how they got started in their craft, and why they love what they do. It had me reminiscing on my early DJing days. After pollying at the bar with their in house “mixologist” Alex, the DJ’s go out to the pool and are greeted by the host of the show Just Blaze and the judge of the show, the world famous Kid Capri and a rack of people ready to party. After Just explains the rules of the competition and asks one of the most elementary questions in hip hop history we get a chance to see each DJ do their thing. On the technical tip, DJ Revolution held it down and as far as keeping the crowd amped I gotta give it to DJ Rap, but all of ’em did their thing.

Now, the elimination round is where the show goes down hill for me. This is where you take my culture and mesh it with Flavor of Love. “As you can see we have 6 glasses, and as you can also see we have 7 DJ’s”…really? Why does everything on reality tv come down to clocks, key, roses and now drinks!?!? Now I gotta hear Just Blaze tell DJ Scratch who is one of the greatest DJ’s of all time how to DJ! Really!?!? Does Just even know how to DJ!?!? And I don’t mean does he know how to play records (cause that’s what 75% of “DJ’s” do nowadays) but does Just know how to DJ?

I also felt like Just and Kid Capri were talking to the DJ’s like they’re some new jacks and not professional DJ’s who are flown around the world to do their thing. And why does Just Blaze have on this tight ass track suit jacket!?!?! And did Just really tell Vikter, “do play or don’t”?!?!? LMAO! Too much drama for me, which is exactly why I HATE reality tv. I guess Just Blaze answered Jazzy Joyce’s infamous question of, “when is the BS gonna start?” Hopefully next week with Biz in Vegas will be better…