REVIEW: Michael Jackson: The Making of Thriller 4 Days, 1983 by DJ Spinna

We are pleased to have a guest post by the one and only DJ Spinna. This man needs no introduction. From the early days of hip-hop to the explosion of house music, Spinna has shaped the music of our generation for years. Most notably, DJ Spinna has paid tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, though several high-profile parties in New York City, including Spike Lee’s tribute in Prospect Park this past summer. As someone who is more than just a fan of MJ’s music, we found it fitting that he review this book.

Michael Jackson: The making of Thriller encapsulates the peak period of our most celebrated musical hero.  The fascinating holographic cover art of Michael vs. Ghoul

is enough to attract the average MJ fan.  I am highly impressed with the unseen behind the scene photos from the making of Thriller, which are highly detailed and informative. In addition there’s also great commentary by luminaries such as Quincy Jones, Dick Clark, contemporary artists, Usher, Diddy, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and family members Janet and Joe Jackson, which makes this memorandum a celebration of Michael Jackson’s life.

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What’s disappointing are some of the comments made by journalist Nancy Griffin and photographer Douglas Kirkland. It’s indicative that they both adhere to the speculative daunting media hype machine that eventually led to Michael Jackson’s demise.  As an avid Michael Jackson fan and supporter for most of my life, it churns my stomach to read some of these opinions. If you the consumer can look beyond these comments you will find this book to be a collector’s item. Four stars!

-DJ Spinna

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